Miru Tights – 01-05

[Nii-sama] Miru Tights – 01-05 [1080p][HEVC][10bit]

Fixed subs, timing, typesetting. ED song included.


Please let us know if you spot any error. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

4 comments to Miru Tights – 01-05

  • anon

    Holy fuck. I can finally watch this masterpiece. Official subs are atrocious. Worse than amazon, funi and nexflix together.

  • Translations for the episode titles seem to be missing, otherwise excellent work! ^_^

  • Pebbles and Kibs

    Heads up on future episodes. All 5 episodes of these didn’t contain the episode title which are at the closing ending credits on each episode. If need to get them they’re on the MMSUB x U3-Web releases.

    Also a few missing signs but dunno if you’d go out of your way to TL and make a sign for them.

  • Infierno

    God Bless You guys for this master piece!!!

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