Kimi no Na wa. (BD)

[Nii-sama] Kimi no Na wa. [1080p][HEVC][10bit][FLAC][BD]

  • New encode
  • Fixed: typos, timing, styling
  • MTBB – typesetting (slightly edited)



4 comments to Kimi no Na wa. (BD)

  • etudete

    In regards to the chapters

    00:00:00.000 : en: – Start / en:INDEX 01
    00:01:49.280 : en: – OP / en:INDEX 01
    00:03:20.786 : en: – Part 1 / en:INDEX 01
    00:29:53.523 : en: – Part 2
    00:01:22.453 : en:INDEX 01
    01:38:42.850 : en: – ED / en:INDEX 01

    Um? Is this accurate?

    Also, could you please reply concerning the Blend S batch. Is there one planned? Thanks.

  • AnonymousAnon

    Thanks. Just watched it. The best subs for sure. Thanks for using MTBB ts.
    Watching this movie with different culturized subs is literally pointless, because this movie is all about Japanese folklore.

  • voiceofexpressions

    hi there sorry to bother but near the end there’s a part where it says “I like you” written on mitsuhas hand & it should be “I love you” just completely takes you out the immersion. I never comment on subs but this is an actual emotion important to the movie so I have to say

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