Eromanga Sensei (BD Batch)

[Nii-sama] Eromanga Sensei [1080p][BD BATCH]


[Nii-sama] Eromanga Sensei BD vol 6  

13 comments to Eromanga Sensei (BD Batch)

  • Astral

    What’s different in the batch? Is there proper typesetting now?

  • amit34521

    thanks, been waiting for this

  • Futegen

    Why do all your BD batches have to be HEVC? That codec probably is going to be very common sometime in the future, but many people’s computers can’t even play them properly. Mine included.

    • anonanon

      It’s already very common and superior in any aspect comparing to x264. How old is your PC? Even old c2d CPUs plays 10bit HEVC without any problems. Benefits of using 10bit hevc are way higher than keeping compatibility with stoneage hardware.

    • Calahan

      @ Futegen – Are you sure it’s your computer and not your HD? Specifically your external HD?

      Since a lot of the times I’ve seen people report problems with HEVC has been because people are playing the files directly from a (slow) external HD, but when they copy the files to an internal HD (after it’s suggested) they can play the files just fine.

      Since like anonanon says, you need to have a *really* old PC to not be able to play HEVC files. As in like 10 years old (and would likely have needed to be bottom of the potato bargain range at the time it was purchased as well).

      • Even if the hd can’t keep up, proper filesystem and a bit of buffer will smooth it out. Hint: this does not mean anything by M$.

      • Ran-tan

        C2D was launch at 2007 so it’s actually 11 years old now. Like anonanon said its run HEVC 1080p fine and C2Q would run HEVC 2160p fine. I remember having problem with some of x264 1080p with high bitrate when I was still using Pentium 4 3.0E (Prescott) and that’s 14 years ago, 2004-2008. So P4 and older CPUs or anything older than 11 years old gonna have a problem.

        I don’t think buy a new PC gonna be a problem either. A second-hand C2Q or Phenom X4 system with everything today only cost about $200 or lower. Or if you want a new one Ryzen is the best for price/performance. The low end Ryzen 2200G system would cost about ~$500 and you can upgrade CPU later because AM4 motherboard support new CPUs until Ryzen 4 (Zen 3, 7nm+, 2020.)

  • PancakeEnthusiast

    Thanks, batches are always appreciated.

  • Ran-tan

    I’m waiting for this for a while. Thank you.

  • Yay!

    Batches are always good.

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